The Sunday Paper (11.10.13)

How’s your weekend going? I have to say, it’s really nice to be home in Montana spending time with my family and these two little buggers:


However, today we hit the road again and I’m grateful for the long, uninterrupted hours on the road to get some serious studying done (and maybe continue listening to Allegiant…)! For those of you who don’t need to buckle down (seriously, already, I need to get BUCKLED), here are some of my favorite links to make up your digital Sunday paper.

+ Would you try these mashed potatoes? I’m making Thanksgiving this year and I’m already looking for time-savers.

+ The most 90’s things ever. Awesome! You have to see #25. And one more from Buzzfeed: these people are having a worse day than you.

+ This amazing idea for a post from one of my favorite food bloggers.

+ How to tie a scarf.

+ When I read this viral article about why marriage isn’t for you, I felt a little off about it but couldn’t put my finger on the reason. Until, I read this article from a different perspective, and it resonated with me so much more. I felt like it encapsulated what marriage will mean to me, whenever it should happen, if it should happen, and if I decide to have kids. I didn’t hate “Marriage Isn’t For You,” but it just didn’t fit with me, although it’s nice to be reminded that everything isn’t always about the individual. Did it fit for you? I’d love to hear your opinion!

+ Incredible shots of disappearing tribes.

Have a great, relaxing Sunday!

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