The Beginning

Although I’ve spoken of my travel beginnings in my brief travel history (and here), I often get asked “well, when did you start to travel?”

(Which is not a huge surprise because my little corner of the Internet is not necessarily something I broadcast to every person I meet).

So, let’s start from the beginning.

Technically, I have been traveling since I was in utero. My parents were living abroad in CANADA (gasp!) at the time of my, er, production.

This is starting to get gross. Let’s move on quickly.

They moved back to the States, to Colorado, several months before I was born. I lived there a measly few weeks before moving to Oregon, and then Montana several years after that.

Amy Baby Picture 3^^this is the only throwback picture I have. You’re welcome. Oh and that’s my adorable brother.  Also, yes, I did look startled for the first five years of my life.

For much of my life after that, I lived in good old Bozeman.


We traveled often throughout my childhood, primarily to national parks and to visit our scattered family, but most of my traveling was done through books.

I was often described as a “sensitive” (read: crybaby) child and a “shy” one, but really I was plagued by anxiety. This was often debilitating (and still can be), so I lived my life through books, and reading, and the soaking up of other stories and lives.

I still strongly believe in the power of books to help you live more than one life, and I traveled many places as a child without having to go anywhere.

I visited jolly old England to see Emma’s failed attempts at matchmaking (Jane Austen), I went all over the world planting lupine seeds with Miss Rumphius (Barbara Cooney), I followed Pip on his adventures in London (Charles Dickens). I slept on a wooden raft with Huck Finn (Mark Twain), I went all over the West with Laura and her Pa (Laura Ingalls Wilder), I walked across Africa with Paul Theroux (Paul Theroux).

(My literary nerd just spewed out there. Sorry…but not sorry).

I loved these stories and these travels across time and places, but they opened up inside of me a desire to see more than my little corner of the world.

So, I scrimped and saved and sold burritos in a booth at a local arts festival for six years, and finally, me and five other girls (and two moms) traveled to Switzerland the summer I was fifteen.

IMG_3907^^yep, I’m the one miles behind the rest.

Switzerland, with its stunningly high peaks, alpine meadows, cow bells and cleanliness blew me away. I couldn’t believe how many languages everyone spoke (fun fact: Switzerland has four official languages), I couldn’t believe that they rode mopeds to work even in ties or skirts, or that people commuted on cute little trams and lived right next door to churches that were older than the United States.

IMG_3906 IMG_3900 IMG_3898 IMG_3897 IMG_3896 IMG_3894 ^^Old, grainy photos from Switzerland. It was over a decade ago! Although, they kind of look Instagrammy, am I right?

The anxiety I so often felt at the world around me disappeared in Switzerland, and I was hooked. I continued to read, more and more about all the corners of the world, and plotted all the places I would see.

I’m forever thankful for those books, and that first trip to the lovely little Switzerland, for opening this whole travel thing for me.

Tell me…

when did you start traveling?

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Travel on My Mind

This post from the archives was originally published here.

While I plan on fully enjoying my new city of Prague, there’s also so much else to see in Europe. Besides last summer and a few other quick summer trips, most of my time abroad has been spent in places other than Europe, so I am excited to travel, well, everywhere! Below you’ll find a list (in pictures!) of the places I can’t wait to visit most in Europe.

(disclaimer: I definitely expect this list to keep growing throughout the year!). 

I’m only a little ambitious…

Maybe a year won’t be long enough?

(click image for source)

bled Dubrovnik_wall netherlands swiss









germany christmas





greek islands





AND so.many.more. I have to stop now or I’ll never stop!

If you’ve been to Europe, what were some of your favorite experiences? 

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Prague Highlights #3

And, just like that, we have finished our third week in Prague!

Even though I went on and on yesterday about how easy our adjustment has been, I may have jumped the gun a little. While it has been easy, we officially started the apartment (or flat, here!) hunt and it’s not the smoothest ride so far. In addition, we’ve also started getting the job business moving along. The stress is starting to kick up just a wee bit as our little safety bubble of the past few weeks (or class and the student apartment) begin to come to an end.

I’ll admit, I’m very ready for the coursework to be over, but I also don’t want it to end! I don’t want to say goodbye to our classmates, some of whom I already adore after a few weeks, or to the students we have been training on. I had my first one-on-one lesson with a Czech boy today, and it was so much fun! I’m sad that I won’t see him again after next week.

Even with all of these happenings, it was another glorious week to explore here in the city. I still haven’t whipped out my actual camera–just my iPhone, sorry!–but I managed to take a lot of photos this week on my little friend. Here are some of the highlights from our third week here in Praha (as the locals say).

My birthday! (Are you sick of hearing about that yet?).


Although I was dreading my birthday, it ended up being really fun. A big group went out on Friday, and when we came home, I found a cake in the fridge from my roommates! Too nice.

My new favorite Czech dish.

photo 1

I am not entirely sure what the name of this dish is yet, but it’s my favorite. It’s beef in some kind of sauce that sort of reminds me of squash soup, with cranberries, cream, and dumplings! While I don’t love the Czech dumplings (they’re the pieces of bread you see in the photo above) I’ve found they are delicious when you can’t get enough of the sauce and you need to sop it up.

Finding the John Lennon Wall.


The John Lennon Wall is a famous wall in Prague that is dedicated to, you guessed it, John Lennon. We found it by surprise after getting lost (it’s a common theme here) and it took me a minute to realize why a bunch of people were crowding around some graffiti. When you get closer, though, it’s actually very cool.

Walking across the Charles Bridge for the first time!

IMG_5907 IMG_5908 IMG_5894

While this wasn’t the best experience due to the masses of humanity (go in the morning or evening! Which we were told after we went!), it’s still beautiful and famous for a reason. The views of the castle are unparalleled! If you can squeeze through the crowds and the musicians and the vendors and the caricaturists, you can also get a great, peaceful view of the river and city. We will be going back…but probably not until the middle of September.

Hiking up for a bigger view of Prague. 

IMG_5942 IMG_5944

While we were apartment hunting, we accidentally climbed a million steps up to a park. The view was incredible! And pretty much worth it. The park also has an almost fairy-tale view of the castle.

What were the highlights of your week?

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