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Hello Amy and the Great World readers! I’m Diana and I’ve been blogging over at Life in German for the past two years about life abroad, new recipes and our travels around Europe. I am really happy to be guest posting on Amy’s blog today and will be sharing some of the best sites Monterrey, Mexico has to offer. There is so much to see and do in this city, I gathered the 12 most visited spots that you should not ignore.

Barrio Antiguo



Barrio Antiguo is located in Monterrey’s old town and is considered the origin of the city center. It is the historic jewel of “the city of mountains” and was the center of Monterrey’s nightlife before insecurity started taking over the city. It is also the most representative area of the city and was the heartbeat of cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The Macroplaza

The Macroplaza is the world’s fourth largest plaza and has several landmarks, including: Neptune’s fountain, the cathedral and “El Faro del Comercio.” This plaza is a place where locals gather to promenade on weekends. You can find anything from vendors selling Mexican candies and ice cream to couples taking wedding pictures.

Paseo de Santa Lucia

It is a relatively new (it was finished in 2007) river walk in the city offering 1.5 miles of artificial river connecting the Macroplaza and Parque Fundidora. It has crystal clear water and you can ride a river boat, or walk beside it all while having great views of the city. You can read my post about Luminacia at Paseo Santa Lucia last December.


Parque Fundidora.

You can spend a full day at Fundidora Park and still have a lot to see, it offers different recreational activities and so much more (you can view an interactive map of the park on their official page). 

The most famous attractions within fundidora are:The Pepsi Ferris wheel

–The Blast Furnace No. 3 was declared a National Monument, it was restored and now houses an Interactive Science Center and Steel Museum.Casa de los loros  –It is the fourth park specializing in Parrots in the world; where you can find around 80 parrot species, making it the only adventure theme park in Monterrey where you can interact with parrots and other species that live in our planet.Parque Plaza Sesamo –it is one of the four Sesame Street parks in the world.

El Obispado

It’s a must-see in the city without being a tourist trap, even though I can’t really vouch for it in person since I have actually never been here, but all my friend’s pictures up here look gorgeous! It is a popular place to take photos on special occasions.

Cola de Caballo

Another must see in Monterey is this natural cascade located in the middle of the Sierra Madre mountains, around 30 km from the metropolitan area of Monterrey.


Chipinque is one of the most important natural passageways of the region because of its proximity to the city of Monterrey, a total of … km it is quite a hike, but the view at the top will definitely be worth it!

La Huasteca

it is a 15 minute drive from the city center and offers a climbing area, you can find many weekend climbers here. It is a good place to go with friends or family for a day in the mountains.

Thanks for having me, Amy! and if you would like to continue following along with our adventures, you can find me on Bloglovin, Facebook and Twitter.

Have you been to Mexico?

The Parents Have Landed + A Blogging Break

Look who’s here!


And look at this gorgeous bouquet I received from two sweet students (who are sisters):


Since my parents are here, and since that bouquet signifies the ending of school–I have too many feelings to even talk about this!–I will be taking a blogging break for the next ten days while I show my parents Prague and we travel to Salzburg, Fussen, Munich, Karlovy Vary and Loket!


I will be keeping up with Instagram, though, so make sure to follow along on our adventures: @amygreatworld.