Seven Things To Do In Dubrovnik

seven things to do in dubrovnik

1. Have a Game of Thrones moment

IMG_3284 IMG_3328IMG_2506

Dubrovnik is gaining fame as the setting for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. While there are plenty of appropriately themed walking tours, it’s also easy to have many Game of Thrones moment on your own, just by exploring the city.

2. Kayak around the walls


While I won’t recommend the company we used (way too many people and a terrible guide) but watching the sun set over Dubrovnik from a kayak was spectacular!

3. Have a drink at Buza (or Buza II)

IMG_3825 IMG_3816 IMG_3837IMG_5928DSCN0451

As we were kayaking around the city walls (is that a sentence or what??), I spotted a few white umbrellas scattered between the wall and the sea. I had to investigate, and so we discovered the awesome Buza bar. Although apparently there is also Buza II–and I’m not sure which one we went to!!–but it’s a MUST. It’s a fairly simple bar–just a beer type of place, no fancy cocktails here–but the view, and the ability to hop right in the ocean after, is necessary.

4. Explore the back alleys


Although Dubrovnik, as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” can get crowded as a major cruise ship destination, venturing off the main streets just slightly is really rewarding, and much quieter. Back alleyways can just be the stars of the city, can’t they?

5. Take in the lively evening streets

IMG_3869 IMG_3872

As I mentioned above, Dubrovnik can get crowded. But, on a warm summer night, the lively streets are full of open-air cafes and live music and an almost carnival air. We grabbed an ice cream and strolled, taking in the sights and the atmosphere and the lit-up buildings, but there were many wine bars or seafood bistros that were calling my name.

6. Take a ferry to an island


The southern coast of Croatia has many islands you can visit, tons of which are a day trip away from Dubrovnik! If you only have a day, I’d recommend Lokrum–although beware the nude beach ;). If you have longer, the islands Hvar and Korčula are breathtaking.

7. Eat some seafood and try some Croatian wine–with a view–at a local home


Airbnbs in Croatia were some of the BEST we’ve ever stayed in. Not only were they beautiful, convenient and well-priced, but all of our hosts were beyond friendly and welcoming. Our host in Dubrovnik–technically in the nearby village/cove of Lapad–met us at the door with a local wine, cheese, and joined us for a chat on her picturesque, relaxing little patio.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? What would you add to this list?

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Behind the Scenes: Instagram (Volume 2)



This photo says…my lifelong dream of seeing the castle that inspired Disney–and also happens to look like the most castley-castle ever–has finally come true!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…after schlepping up to the bridge with the best viewpoint, I fight for my position on the bridge and I fight to keep it so I can gaze at the castle to my heart’s content. Luckily, most people take a snap and hurry off the bridge, as it’s swaying a bit in the wind. I’m not fazed and take my sweet time staring the hundreds of feet down into the gorge and snapping as many pictures as I would like. Yes, I’m that traveler.


This photo says…we’ve been married for a month, so obviously our hands have been in this position since our wedding.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…Me: “Let’s show off our new bracelets! Plus we’ve been married a month! It’ll be cute.” E: “I do like the bracelets. How do we do this?” Me: “Umm I can’t get our hands in the angle. Switch hands! Oh wait, my left hand is useless…” E: “Oh my God, let me try!” Me: “You have to focus on our HANDS not the GROUND!” And so on.


This photo says…We often wandered through Prague during our time their, stopping in adorable, romantic poses as we pleased.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…My dear cousin tried her hardest to take some nice pictures of us but we are not the easiest subjects to photograph. This one came after many, many shots of awkward hands, awkward faces, and stranger photo-bombs.


This photo says…this is just one of the many waterfalls we happened to stumble upon during our honeymoon in Costa Rica. They are all perfectly placed for a cooling afternoon swim.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…The trail to this waterfall, promised to be an “easy 15-minute jaunt” (if I’ve learned anything in my life, anytime someone says it’s an “easy 15-minute jaunt” this means I will be out of my league) involved fording a river and crawling across rocks. Upon arrival to the waterfall, the only way to enter is to jump off a rope or just…jump. This picture doesn’t show me being a HUGE baby and I inch down the rope and dip my toe in before getting in but avoiding the actual waterfall in fear of getting crushed beneath the pounding water.


This photo says…A leisurely kayaking trip around the lovely city of Dubrovnik enabled me to capture this shot.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…A two-hour-longer than advertised trip culminated in this moment where I finally caught up with the rest of the group for approximately 30 seconds, long enough for me to fumble my camera out of the dry sack, pray I wouldn’t drop it, and snag this shot. Victory!


This photo says…A lazy Sunday evening stroll in the gently falling snow led me to this picturesque moment.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…Just coming home after a long day of work (on a Sunday), I detour to look at Parlament because a) I want to see it in the snow and b) I don’t have 10,000 steps and DID I TELL YOU I LOVE MY FITBIT AND MUST GET 10,000 STEPS?! It’s so cold that I have to take several deep breaths before I’ll stop shivering, and when I take the picture, the camera noise (how do I turn this off?!?) make a woman nearby, and her dog, jump.


This photo says…I’m terrified of the jungle.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…Oh yes, I’m terrified of the jungle. (Because sometimes the truth is simple).

Tell me…

Does your Instagram look a little different, behind-the-scenes? 



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One Week in Budapest!


Yesterday marks one week in Budapest! It’s been a (rather disconcertingly) smooth transition, from packing to the trip over to settling in. Even immigration, so far, has been quite smooth–we walked right up to the counter and were seen right away, which is unheard of, according to the HR Manager at my new job, who was escorting us to the office. We had all of our paperwork in order, nobody made us leave the country to re-apply (side-eye Prague), and the lady working on my papers even smiled at me. Success!

After SUCH a smooth trip I started to feel suspicious, of course. Because that’s my natural reaction when things are going well.

Despite how well things are going, things aren’t perfect, of course. Our flat is teeny–like studio-teeny, with no bathtub or oven, sad face–but it’s quite clean, our landlord and his little family are adorable, and the location is prime. I’ve started work–and will be working through this weekend–and it’s been harder than I anticipated to fill the shoes of the teacher who left before me, but I’m already crazy about my students. My brain needs to adjust to being in teacher mode (and needs to adjust to a new school, a new culture, a new schedule, etc) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll love my job.

One not-so-smooth thing? The jet lag!!! (note the many exclamation points for emphasis!!!)

The jet lag this time has been the worst ever. Is that because I’m getting old?! Maybe it’s because of the winter, as it’s dark and cold all the time so that makes it worse? I don’t know, but our first weekend was a blur of exhaustion, immigration, banks, and attempting to find “our” grocery store. Then, work has been so busy that I haven’t had time to eat lunch, much less explore the area. I’m looking forward to NEXT weekend, when we can get to know our new city a bit more. Hopefully sleep will be happening at regular intervals by then, too.

Another thing: Hungarian MUST be one of the hardest languages to learn. So far, in comparison to Prague, there is much more Hungarian spoken here. They are very proud of their language, and thus have kept it very much alive. I am all for this, but my Hungarian is certainly not up to snuff (aka it’s essentially nonexistent). The one word that’s sticking in my head? Inexplicably, the word for apple (alma)–as well as the casual forms of “yes” and “hello” which really aren’t that applicable at shops.

A huge bonus about our life here is, well, that we live close to Parlament and I get to walk by the gorgeous building every day. (This makes up for the no-bathtub thing, mostly).


Europe, I’ve missed you!